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So, I moved here a month ago, and I was going to get a job right away. But then I stalled. I needed to print out resumes(I don't have Word or a printer.), clean the house (I am lazy....) and was waiting for a windfall (The three years of tax returns I should finally be getting after my dad finally filed and stopped being so silly about it.). Eventually, I was just stalling. I did however hand out two resumes. One, was really far away, not really my dream job, but full time, good pay and possibilities of advancement. The other, within walking distance and not hiring, which sucked because, it looked like somewhere I would really like to spend my days. So, I had begun my plans to try and print off another resume. These are elaborate plans which include a city 5 hours away or a city 12 hours away, in short, I was getting there.
      Anyway, I was sleeping when it happened. The phone rang, It was the bookstore, and apparently they are hiring now. It will be part time, which makes me wonder if all the jobs I like are part time. But I think it's a walkable distance and  it looks like a pretty awesome place. Here are my impressions:
  • small business, which could either be good or bad,
  • crazy layout! It makes me want to tidy the whole store. It's amazing, in the age of lots of chain bookstores, and me not doing a lot of traveling or exploring I haven't actually seen a real bookstore that has so many of it's books in piles.
  • I think it's mostly used books, but they have loads of magazines and comics and manga.
  • Mostly women working, again either really good or really bad.
  • Can I afford part time, minimum wage?..... for now...
  • The walking distance may be tough in the winter, but I do need to start walking again.
  • eeeeeeeeee. I am really excited about this. I hope it's as cool as I seem to think it is.
Ok, so 10;15 tomorrow. What will I wear?

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