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It's been 30 weeks or something since last I posted and now I find myself in a new town, married, jobless and with a computer that is getting more cranky and horrible everyday. Welcome to my tale, wherein I  rant about electronics and why I don't deserve them.
    More recently I dropped a 160 gig ipod into a pot of water, and broke the battery cord of my laptop through almost a year of constant abuse. Even more recently however, the mouse of my laptop stopped working, "Ok," I said to myself. "I will just buy a cordless mouse and use that!" And with that thought in my head, I marched myself off to Wal-Mart and bought a mid-range mouse. I brought the mouse home and introduced it to my computer. All was well in my world. Untill I dropped the computer on it's side, landing right on top of the USB thingy for the mouse, causing the case to fall off and  the USB thingy to look like something I cobbled together myself. The story gets better though! Because today, while doing dishes (No, nothing fell into the sink.) I had my laptop on the counter and my mouse on top of the laptop This is all well and good, except for the fact that on the floor, at the foot of the counter lies a bucket of water.(Drgon boy put it there and I have no idea why.) So in a blur of motion I can hardly remember, the mouse takes a beautiful dive into the bucket of water, effectively drowning itself. So now I will endevour to let the poor thing dry and see if it useable before I give up and march back to Wal-Mart and buy a new one.
 Also, the W on my keyboard is being stubborn too!

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