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     Yup, It's been over a year since I last posted here, and I could just be fooling myself, but I am fairly certain that nobody reads what I write here. So today I will blather on about me and my online life. I am a lurker. I have a really hard time interacting online. I don' know why that is. I find it hard enough to interact with strangers in real life, but the internet.... I'm pretty much a lurker in real life. I sit and wait until I can see a good opening and then I might say a little something. The thing about the internet is that you have to just jump on in. I'm not good at that. But every once in a while I think hey, I should give this another chance, I should talk to someone. So, I gather all my courage and write a comment. and then I disappear for another year or so. And I don't review, ever. Not because I'm a big jerk who hates people but because I don't know what to say. "That was pretty good" seems useless to me, and If a story really touched me or was terrible I don't want to bother the author. But you know what the thing is, I never get the response I want when I say stuff online. I don't need to be adored. I just want to be noticed and maybe seen as a person. I feel like I haven't really made any internet pals in the last.. I dunno 5,6 years? So here I am writing into the black and saying to myself I will review then next fic I read, and hope somebody notices me.
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