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       So, here I am, in another town. As a city I kind of like it. it's four ties the size of my hometown and ten times the size of the town we just lived in. Mostly this just means more stores and movie theaters and places to eat. Dragon Boy's best friend lives nearby so we get to hang out a lot. He's a bad influence as far as saving money goes (We see a lot of movies), but it's really nice to have him around. 
   But a new town means a new job. I had a job. I thought it would be pretty good, but right after the first interview I got bad vibes. Everyone I talked to said to hold on, so I did. I lasted two shifts. My last shift was eight hours long. When I came in that morning I had no idea how long my shift was going to be. About two hours in they told me I had a four hour shift, which was fine with me. But then, right at the four hour mark they told me I was staying. It wasn't a question, it was just a fact. So I kept working. For another four hours. Without a break. This meant ho food other than the stale donut they  gave me two hours into the shift. So at the end of that, I quit. Mostly because I am a sissy, but also because the girl I worked with didn't have a break either and that seemed normal to her. And I know I could not work five shifts a week like that.
   So, this means I am still unemployed. Today I am heading out to look for more bookstores or another place that would hire a slacker like me. My last resort will be McDonalds again, so I really hope I can find something else.
   Other than the job stuff, not much is happening I have been trying to watch Dances With Wolves on streaming video for the last day, so that is going well, I am now 140 minutes in. Well I have another 2 minutes loaded, so I'm gonna go watch that.


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