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So there was camp, and it was good. I had a good time, met some cool kids , had a good time, decided to change my life's goals and not be so scared of everything so that's good. Now instead of being a teacher I want to be a yout pastor. This led to my step mom saying That I couldn't possibly teach people about God if I've gone as far with my boyfriend as I have. Which was... dumb. Then I decided that I wnat to get marriedin the next year or so. I wnated to elope, but then I decided that moving out of the house, getting married and going to a new school with new people and a new job would me a little much. So I decided that I'm gonna get a job or two and save up my money and then move away and get a little bit of education. So now I have to do all this and not be afraid so that's cool I guess. And He's gone now to live with his parents and get a job and stuff. Half of his stuff is here, but that's almost worse because his skis are right here and his boots are right by my feet, which is a little dstracting. At anyrat I should see him again in a few days when I go to drop off my sister, so that's good. Well, good night.
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